Urgent in Care Gilroy: Spending a Day at the Ranch Without Allergies

In Gilroy, enjoy Ranch Day where you and the entire family can learn a lot about animals and plants. Crafts and exhibits will be available for you to look at and you and your kids can also meet some horses. The event will definitely be a lot of fun; however, being in a ranch exposes you and your family to various allergens like pollen, pet dander, dust mites, and mold spores. This is why you need to be prepared by knowing the symptoms of allergic reaction and how to deal with them to avoid having to go to a Gilroy urgent care clinic.

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Gilroy Urgent Care: Horseback Riding Safety and Protection Musts

Get on the saddle and enjoy the Wildflower Ride at Henry Coe Park. This guided horseback ride will let you mingle with fellow horseback riders and be part of a community. Though horseback riding offers many physical, mental, and emotional benefits, it also comes with risks.
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Urgent Care in Gilroy Advises Participants To Stay Safe While Dancing

Dancing has long been enjoyed by individuals of all ages. It continues to grow in popularity, as do the variety of events tailored to people who enjoy the social experience. Naturally, there is the added benefit of getting some fitness activity and meeting new people, so it is little wonder that many people throughout the region are rediscovering the job of dancing.

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What You Should Know about Medical Services at an Urgent Care Facility

The unfortunate reality is that it can be frustrating to get sick or injured and not have access to the medical services that you really need. The good news is that this experience does not have to be a reality for you because urgent care services are available seven days a week with extended business hours. However, before you head to a Gilroy urgent care, facility you may take note of the different services that these facilities provide to ensure that this is the right type of care for your needs.


Routine Medical Services

If you think you may need an antibiotic for a sinus infection, or if you have a stomach ache that is not responding to antacids, you may be wondering what you can do. This is particularly true if it is after hours and the regular doctor’s office is closed. Getting routine medical services without delay on evenings and weekends as well as when the regular doctor’s office is too busy to see you right away is easy to do when at an urgent care clinic in Gilroy.

Some Minor Emergency Services

At an urgent care clinic, you also have the opportunity to get service for minor emergencies. For example, you may have fallen down and need an x-ray to see if you broke your ankle or perhaps you need a few stitches after a minor mishap on your bike. Keep in mind that true emergency situations should be treated at a hospital, but an urgent care clinic is set up to provide some minor emergency services.

When In Doubt

Some people wonder when they need to visit their general doctor, their emergency room or their minor emergency clinic or urgent care clinic. There are some symptoms, such as chest pain, that are true medical emergencies and that you should head straight to the emergency room for. If you believe that you would like to see a doctor now and are not certain if your symptoms can be treated by an urgent care clinic, you can contact your local clinic to discuss your symptoms and to get personalized advice regarding which office to visit for the treatment you need.

Urgent Care: What to Do If Alcohol Intolerance Crashes Your Party

The holidays may be over but that doesn’t mean that any of the party hotspots in the Gilroy area would be empty for the time being. Plenty of people still like to take some time off after a long day at work, indulging in rich foods with festive alcoholic drinks in hand. Some regularly throw parties to host their friends and families even if there is no big occasion. As usual, alcohol will always be the life of the party. While most know how to control their alcohol intake, there may be some instances where you feel like you drank more liquor than you can hold. That might be an indication of alcohol intolerance. Here are some urgent care tips to keep in mind if that happens.


Symptoms of Alcohol Intolerance

Alcohol intolerance is generally a genetic condition that prevents the body from breaking down alcohol efficiently. Many first-time drinkers naturally experience unpleasant reactions with their initial experience with alcohol but it can also happen to those who have been drinking for a long time. The symptoms of a reaction to alcohol, or to a specific ingredient in an alcoholic beverage may include:

Flushing, or facial redness
Hives, or warm, red, itchy, bumpy skin
Stuffy or runny nose
Pre-existing asthma that worsens
A drop in blood pressure, or dizziness
Nausea and/or vomiting

When To Seek Urgent Care

A mild intolerance to alcohol many not force you to leave the party early in search of Gilroy urgent care clinics. You will probably just need to limit or avoid alcoholic beverages. If the reaction or pain is serious, however, or if you think the symptoms are related to an allergy or medication, it is important to seek medical care.

If you or a fellow party-goer experiences the quick onset of any of the above symptoms, a visit to an urgent care facility is recommended. Be prepared to give a clear accounting of the names and amounts of beverages consumed, so an experienced doctor can properly diagnose the symptoms. Although alcohol intolerance may be a very uncomfortable experience, having knowledge of this condition will lead to successful prevention, and far more fun at future parties.


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Urgent Care in Gilroy: Your Valuable Ally Against Summer Illnesses

It simply cannot be helped that Americans go for outdoor adventures during summer, and one of the most favorite destinations is none other than the beach. Despite it being a haven for underwater adventures and getting a tan, there also lies danger and health hazards in the form of viruses and bacteria found in the water. An article by MSN.com reports of the latest survey results on some of the most popular beaches in the country, especially the ones located in prime areas like California, pertaining their cleanliness and safety. Continue reading