Urgent Care in Gilroy Offers Holiday Safety Tips for Decking the Halls

The holidays are full of festive activities, especially that of decorating your home to match the spirit of the season. Everywhere you look, houses, shops and offices don bright lights and colorful displays.

Before anyone can enjoy spreading the holiday cheer, however, your decorations must first be in place. A fun activity when completed with family and friends, decorating also carries some risks. Following are some tips from a Gilroy urgent care center to help you avoid injuries while decorating this holiday season.

Decking the Halls

Clear the Work Area

Falling is one of the most common injuries while decorating for the holidays. Those people placing decorative lights high up on the walls or ceiling, or hanging ornaments on the Christmas tree, are surprisingly vulnerable to injury.

To minimize the possibility of falling, remove tripping hazards by clearing your work area. Rugs, scattered tools and other items that clutter the floor pose an obstacle course that can cause you to trip and fall.

Use Proper Equipment

If you need to reach a particularly high place to hang your decorations, use a stable step ladder or a footstool. These can give you the balance and leverage needed to complete the task. Avoid stepping on furniture such as couches or chairs, which are not designed for such. You may step on a weak spot of the furniture, which can result in damage to both it and your body.

Be Mindful of Outdoor Safety

Putting up decorations outside of the house requires extra care and precautions, especially when it is cold and snowy. Make sure that the decorative lights you are putting up are properly insulated against the cold to avoid any electrical malfunctions.

Also, wear proper gloves and footwear so that you can attain a good grip and traction, even on ice-covered surfaces.

In case you still fall, despite your precautions, immediately apply first aid. For sprained ankles or wrists, it is best to avoiding using them and to bandage the affected area. Apply compression and prevent any unnecessary movements that can exacerbate your injury.

Afterwards, make your way to an urgent care center in Gilroy, such as US HealthWorks, so that you can find the medical attention you need. They will be able to determine if your injury is just a sprain, simply requiring some rest, or if you suffered a fracture that requires further treatment and a longer recovery period.

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