Burns Can Send You to a Local Urgent Care Center this Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving just around the corner—and Christmas only a few weeks away—you’ll no doubt be very busy in the kitchen. With the amount of cooking you have to do, you’re at a greater risk of having injuries.

One of the most common injuries you need to be careful to avoid are burns, which can be very painful. While most burns will heal on their own with a little care, more serious cases might warrant a trip to a local Gilroy urgent care center. What steps can you take to prevent such injuries?


Turn Handles the Right Way

When you’re using a pan, make sure to turn its handle either toward the center or the back of the stove. If the handle sticks out of the stove’s corner, you are more likely to hit it and send the pan plunging towards the floor, burning your skin in the process.

Always Use Oven Mitts

Thanksgiving is turkey season, and if cooking it wasn’t a challenge enough on its own, you also have to deal with the risk of burning yourself when taking it out of the oven. To avoid such an injury, always use gloves when retrieving dishes or pans from the oven. An oven mitt also protects the back of your hand from the heat emanating from the oven’s walls.

Never Blend Hot Liquids

Nothing is more comforting than hot soup; however, sometimes you have to run it through the blender to get the consistency you want. Be warned, though, that blending hot liquids can cause them to explode due to pressure. To be safe, it is best to let the liquids cool before blending them. You can always reheat the soup later right before serving it.

Be Careful When Draining Hot Water

Done with boiling your veggies or pasta? Be extra careful when draining the water from the pot. The burst of hot steam, as well as splatters of hot water, can burn you. To be safe, use a colander and place it in the kitchen sink where you can safely drain your ingredients.

There’s no greater way to show your love this holiday than by cooking a delicious meal for your family. However, don’t neglect your own safety when working in the kitchen, specifically when it comes to preventing burns. And if you do experience burns that take longer than usual to heal or start causing other complications, don’t hesitate to visit a Gilroy urgent care facility, such as U.S. HealthWorks, ASAP.



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