Urgent Care Providers Share Rake Shopping Tips to Help Keep You Safe

If you plan on doing a lot of raking throughout the autumn season, it is recommended that you make sure that you have the right rake to do the job. After all, it will help you better avoid suffering from serious back pain and other injuries.

That said, the only question left to answer is what should look for when shopping for your ideal rake. Here are some tips to keep in mind when you browse the hardware stores.

Back Pain

Pick one that’s right for your size.

Ideally, you want to choose a rake that is actually proportionate to your size. This will help make your job a lot easier and help you avoid straining your back and muscles.

Consider what the rake is made of.

Not all rakes are made equal.  Choose the one that’s right for the job. Bamboo rakes are popular because they are lightweight. However, they have tendency to break easily, which might make your job harder. In contrast, metal rakes are known to be the sturdiest of the bunch, though they are not quite efficient when it comes to moving large piles of leaves.

Think about ergonomics.

Just like desk chairs nowadays, you can also get a rake that have been ergonomically styled so that you can avoid experiencing any back pain as much as possible. They are typically designed in a bent form so that you don’t have to bend your back too much.

You can try raking leaves with this, but should you still feel some serious back pain, you might want to consider going to an urgent care facility in Gilroy right away to get checked.

How about getting something with a grip?

For added comfort to your hands and fingers, consider picking a rake that come with comfort grips. This is also a great way to avoid having blisters while you’re doing work in your yard.

Alternatively, you can also consider wearing gloves that come with grips to make you more comfortable. When you’re not feeling any pain in your hands, you can concentrate more on getting the job done so that you don’t take longer than necessary to do so.

Having the right rake will surely go a long way in making sure that your autumn clean-up will be as easy and efficient as possible. If you should start feeling unwell during your raking though, it is advisable to immediately stop what you’re doing and seek help from a Gilroy urgent care facility to avoid any serious risk of injury.

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