Gilroy Urgent Care Clinics Offer Helpful Tips for a Successful Fun Run

Running has become a mainstream sport, such that just about anyone can join in. Although there are some individuals who are still not confident enough with their performance to run a full or half marathon, there are still many other options available to them.

Fun Run and Walk at Coe Park

For example, the Hunting Hollow 5K/10K Fun Run and Walk at Coe Park will be happening this summer. Beginners will appreciate the course terrain, which is composed of dirt road that is, for the most part, flat. The 5K route has the participants weaving in and out the area, with late spring flowers adding to the pleasant views. The 10K courseis less flat, with  a turn right before an uphill road.

successful fun run

Although it’s “just” a fun run, it will still require some physical strength and stamina from you. Below are some helpful tips from an urgent care center in Gilroy to help you better prepare for your short run.

Set a Training Schedule

Your preparation for the event should start much further ahead than simply a couple of weeks before the date. If you’re serious about completing the 5K or 10K, then you should get started on your cardio workouts at least a couple of months in advance.

This way, you can gradually build up your endurance for the run ahead. Try allocating up to three times a week for training, and make sure to keep a close watch on your progress.

Build Your Strength with Cross-Training

Endurance isn’t the only thing you should be focusing on increasing. Having strong muscles, especially in your legs and core, can help you cross the line with an impressive finish time. The strength you build should also supplement your endurance.

Stretch Properly

Starting at the training phase, you should get into the habit of stretching to warm up your muscles before exercising. A common mistake of new runners is to not stretch. Not stretching causes their muscles to get sore and tired easily, affecting their efficiency in running.

In some cases, strong cramps or a sprain occur from running. Should this happen, immediately get help from a Gilroy urgent care clinic, such as U.S. HealthWorks. They should be able to provide the necessary treatments so that you can get back to running in no time.


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