How to Get in Shape for the Guided Backpacking Tour at Henry Coe Park

Taking a guided backpacking tour at Henry Coe Park is a fun and adventurous way to spend a weekend day. Before you sign up for one of these tours, it is important to make sure that your body can handle the task of a challenging hike. The providers at an urgent care in Gilroy offer these tips to help ensure that you are in shape and physically prepared to go on a backpacking tour with a guide at Henry Coe Park.

Take Practice Hikes

A few weeks before your planned backpacking tour, start taking hikes with a friend. Put on a backpack and put some of the items in it that you will need for the hiking tour, such as water and a first aid kit. Begin with a short walk, such as one mile. Each day, add some weight to your backpack and some length to your walk. Within a few days of your planned guided backpacking tour, you should be able to handle the weight of your pack and the length of the hike.

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Challenge Your Muscles

Between hikes, hit the gym to challenge your muscles. Consider doing a hike for three or four days in a row and then getting in a good workout on the elliptical trainer, stair machine or weight machine at the gym. These workouts will help to strengthen your muscles.

Such workouts also help to build your endurance and add to your level of cardiovascular fitness. At home and at work, take the stairs, stand up rather than sitting and park as far away from the door as possible. These actions help to build your fitness. Aim for 30 minutes of non-stop activity on most days of the week.

Do Resistance Training

You can also get in shape for your hiking tour by using your own body for resistance training. Squats, push-ups and lunges all work your core muscles. These exercises may help you to climb some of the most challenging parts of the trails, such as those that have a steep incline. Visit a Gilroy urgent care like U.S. HealthWorks if you strain a muscle.

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